14 Close Calls.

Safety Operation #3: Create a Close Calls book and methodology for college women.

Introducing the S-1 Safety Dog Program!

Concept: Take the Close Call Method to college! This book will be for college women living or studying on a campus. College life has its own unique threats and close calls, so we want to make college women safe too.

Goal: Make college women safe

What you can do: Pre-order a book or donate. Share your story of a dangerous or violent college situation by wnting to firstcontactOstridersafetyorg

Status: In-Progress Although we are not funded, we are doing a 'guerilla' strategy to get it started. We have completed about 67 interviews with college women and recent grads.

Dates of Operation: November 2016 to present Keep up to date by following our blog

Partner(s): Strider SFV Lab, Close Call Academy

To help us make this a reality:

    • Propose an alternative contribution here: firstcontact@stridersafety.org

    • Ideas: if you already own an armored vehicle and wish to donate, we might be able to modify it. We will add surveillance equipment, tools, tires, cameras, first aid, etc.

  • Contact our Major Donor Program to fund it all at: MajorDonorServices@stridersafety.org