27 Close Calls

In 1987, Dave Amis' high school girlfriend was raped by a professor while at Phillips Academy, an elite boarding school in Massachusetts. Over the years, one girlfriend or woman-friend after another shared their story of violence with him. Some had been attacked in college, some on dates, even one by her Uncle. After many years of hearing such stories, he decided to do something about it. He went to the police academy and became a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, served as Vice-President of a 911 company, and learned threat assessment from former Army Rangers. But soon he realized that addressing violence after-the-fact, which is what the criminal justice system does, does not help us to be safe. It does not help us to be safe individually.

So he set up Strider SFV Lab to study violence and look for solutions. Pretty soon he convinced several police chiefs, detectives, special operations veterans, and a few single Moms (best managers of the bunch) to join him in the search for a solution to the challenge of violence-against-women. Cops who heard about this mission would just show up and offer to help. A few women, and then more and more came to tell their stories.

After a couple years of working day and night in his lab, Dave met Connie Hartsfield, a retired Lieutenant from the Texas Department of Public Safety. It took Connie about five minutes to decide to join full time and she became the Director of Close Calls. She put together a team that investigated over 187 cases of violence. This provided the research Dave needed to complete his new system for personal safety: the Close Call Method. Out of these 187 cases, plus another 1,000 stories provided by women from all over the world, Dave and Connie chose 27 that they felt every woman should read. And thus was born 27 CLOSE CALLS, a book that puts the reader in the position of analyzing a real crime case, with insights and lessons from the Close Call Investigators.

The book is meant to be fun and interesting to read, kind of like CSI, but the information is completely relevant to every woman's life. 27 CLOSE CALLS is the beginning of something new, and "it's going to change everything" (said one reader). It's been called "self-defense for the brain", "secret service for the average woman" and "personal safety for smart women". One Police Chief said, "this book will save lives; emotionally, physically, and spiritually".

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