Safety Initiative I: The Close Call Academy



The Academy is our training and educational institution for women and public safety officials to learn both basic and advanced techniques of Safety-from-Violence™ and the Close Call Method™. Current courses include: Close Call Basics™, The 8 Predator Methods™, and How to Really Use 911™. The Close Call Method™ was developed by Connie Hartsfield, a retired Lieutenant from the Texas Department of Public Safety, and Dave Amis, a former 911 Executive and Reserve Deputy Sheriff. 

Our mission list for the CCA includes:

A. Write a book to help adult women learn the Close Call Method™ and be Safe-from-Violence™. 

DONE! 27 Close Calls. Real Crimes. Real Women. Real Solutions was published in January of 2017.  The team raised and committed over $150,000 to complete this book.

B. Establish the Academy as an online training and cooperative discussion group meet-up, with a bit of CSI flair thrown in for good measure. All courses use the Case Method, which means students study real crime cases and look for their own SFV™ solutions. 

DONE! The Close Call Academy is operational. Currently in beta version, classes are now offered while we continue to refine and improve the training experience.

C. Complete a Close Call book for College Women. With 10 college women from across the country helping to analyze cases, in addition to our four professional investigators, we have completed over 67 cases and identified dozens of way to keep college women safe. But the research is not complete!

D. Look for more ways to take the principles of Safety-from-Violence™ and the Close Call Method™ to individuals, organizations, and government.


If you would like to support us or join our team, please write us an email with your ideas or donate below:

· 27 Close Calls 2.0 (to market and continue to research – hopefully a 10-state tour is in our near future!)

· Close Call Academy (help us train 100,000 women in the Close Call Method™)

· Close Calls for College Women (help us complete 133 more cases and publish the book!)