Close Call Academy™


One Hero at a Time™

With the help of Strider SFV Lab™, the Close Call Academy™ created and launched in late 2016. The mission of the Close Call Academy is to help women be Safe-from-Violence™ through discussions, presentations, and case studies. We believe that, when it comes to personal safety, the more you know, the safer you are.

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  A Million heroes


  Our mission is to make as Many People Safe-from-Violence™ as possible! The criminal justice system has failed to arrest what is now an epidemic of violence against women, children, and others at-risk and there isn’t a single national plan that has any chance of making a difference. Our mission, therefore, is to do something about this. Our modus operendi (how we will do it) is to innovate.


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Why is personal safety important?


What is the likelihood a woman will experience violence or sexual assault in her lifetime? The odds are not in our favor and the numbers out there are all wrong. We are working hard to get real numbers and working even harder to reduce the number of violent attacks on women.

In the event of a Close Call™, many women expect someone to be able to help them. From our research, we know that is usually not what really happens. We are teaching women to become their own heroes.  

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Learning the Close Call Method™ is fun, will keep you safe, and most importantly empowers you to live better, stronger, and with more peace of mind.

Become safer now


In a Close Call™, you can be your own hero. A Close Call™ is any time there is imminent danger or any time there is violence which could have been worse.


We encounter Close Calls™ more frequently than one might think and the best way to come away unharmed is to identify it as quickly as possible. This is one way we teach women to be safer.


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 Safety-from-violence™ is our specialty


 The team has over 50 years of law enforcement, special operations, and 911 experience. We have come together to make this world a safer place for women by examining real cases of women who were in extremely dangerous situations and came out of it alive. Every Close Call Instructor has worked over 40 hours and completed over 100 cases to be able to bring you the tools to be your own hero.


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