You can make someone safe today. 

Our number one priority is to make people, especially women, safe-from-violence™. The most direct way you can make an impact on a woman in need is by donating to one of the programs below. 

By becoming an SSO Giver, Safety Operation Supporter or Major Donor, you will make an impact quickly and directly. There is no faster or better way to make a difference and we have women standing by ready to make their safety a priority with your gift. 


Give $29 to make one woman safe. She’ll receive an electronic copy of 27 Close Calls™ and an invitation to a 27 CC BASIC Class™ good for the next three months at the Close Call Academy™.

You can choose the woman by providing contact details when you purchase or we will choose one from our list of heroes that can’t afford the course. (Usually single Moms, financially challenged families, former victims, or young women on their own)

Super Giver

Give $49/year to make two women safe per year. Each woman will receive an electronic version of 27 Close Calls™ and an invitation to a 27 CC BASIC Class™ good for three months. We will choose these women from our list of heroes, normally during Safety-From-Violence™ Month.  

Safety Operations Supporter

Choose from our Wish List of future Safety Operations™ and donate to that specific operation. We will let you know when our fundraising goal has been reached and operations commence. We’ll also keep you updated with performance reports. This helps keep us accountable and you informed. The measure of our success will always be how many people we helped to be safe.

There is no limit to how many Safety Operations™ you may support. Click on the link below to select the operation(s) that you would like to support. 

Major Donor

Major Donors have the potential to impact thousands of lives when they make a generous donation. 

If you would like to make a tremendous impact on with a large donation, please use the special contact form below. A Strider Safety Operations executive will contact you directly. 

If you wish to contribute, please use the secure form below. A Strider Safety executive will contact you. 

Strider Safety Wishlist


 These are items that would greatly help keep people, especially women, safe from violence. We can provide a non-profit donation letter for your tax purposes.   

Strider Safety Wishlist