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Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a few well-intentioned individuals can change the world, on the contrary, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

We started as a small group of cops, USAF Commandos, and single Moms with one goal in mind – to make people, and especially women, Safe-from-Violence™. We were crazy enough to think that we just might solve it.

Since then more and more people have joined; a Hollywood producer, an Army Ranger Captain, a world-class female martial arts expert, a social worker with 20 years of experience, and over 1,000 women who have shared their stories.

We have identified dozens of ways to change the game of violence-against-women and make them safer. And now it’s all about implementation. We need coders and cops, do-gooders and operators, managers and artists.

If you see a way to contribute or just want to join up, please write us a long letter and tell us about yourself and what you would like to do. Include supporting information such as a resume, DD-9, references, etc. You can get ideas from our Safety Initiatives and Safety Wishes pages – and they only briefly describe what we need to accomplish those great missions.

1.9M women will be raped this year in the USA; 600,000 college women will be attacked; 100,000 women and children will be taken by sex traffickers. Serial Rapists, Sex Traffickers, and a variety of predators are waging nothing short of a war on women and kids.

While there are hundreds of organizations trying to do something about this, none of them has identified a scalable solution that can stop or reduce the violence by 90%. That’s our goal.

While it may have taken only a few crazy people to get things started around here, it’s going to take all of us to solve this problem. We’re currently looking for people that can volunteer and help with:

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SSO Givers

SSO Givers make a tremendous impact by giving directly to women in need of personal safety training, such as single moms, former victims or young women on their own. Your gift will include a copy of our book,

27 Close Calls™, and an invitation to take the

27 CC BASIC Class™ at the Close Call Academy.

Click here to become an SSO Giver or Safety Operation Supporter. 

Safety Operation Supporter

Choose from our Wish List of future Safety Operations™ and donate $59 to that specific operation. We will let you know when our fundraising goal has been reached and operations commence. We’ll also keep you updated with performance reports. This helps keep us accountable and you informed. The measure of our success will always be how many people we helped to be safe.

There is no limit to how many Safety Operations™ you may support. 

Click here to become a Safety Operation Supporter. 

Major Donor Program

Major Donors are Game Changers at SSO. Make a substantial donation by choosing from our SSO WISH LIST and you could impact millions of lives. For example, support a Close Calls book for kids or help us build a predator database. If you are an alum of a particular high school or college, we could create a program to teach SFV™ and the Close Call Method™ to every student – essentially changing the game of violence in one year. Whether your interests are focused on a particular demographic (young, old, black, white) or profession (Social Workers, Sales People, Teachers) or locale (a particular neighborhood, a school, or even a small city), we can create a program with your goals in mind. Please choose from our SSO Wish List or contacts us directly at

Game Changer™

Game Changers have specialized skills they can donate to Strider Safety Operations™ or related Safety Operations that will launch us into the next phase and allow us to help many more people. Below are some areas of expertise we could use some help with but if you have a special skill you would like to donate, please use the sign up sheet and indicate what you have in mind.

Currently sought Game Changer™ positions:

  • Technical Assistant / Networking Professional to help staff with email, Dropbox, and other technical difficulties. (Austin, TX area is helpful)

  • Social Media Managers / Call to Action Specialists / Marketing Gurus

  • Experienced Teachers / Curriculum Designers / Educational Administrators

  • Project Managers / Researchers / Tax Professionals

Close Call Ambassadors™

Certified Close Call Ambassadors™ are needed! You can make a difference with a one day training course. Once certified you can help people by:

  • Share what we are doing in small, local group meetings

  • Work a case with your group

  • Buy books wholesale and sell retail

Ambassadors are also on track to become paid instructors or investigators if they wish to do more.

             Join Our Team

We are always looking for good people but have a couple of requirements:

    • You cannot have any felonies or significant legal problems in your background.

    • You must be willing to take our BASIC course in the near future.

    • You must contribute before being invited to join. Find something that SSO needs (and you can ask us) and make it happen. We are looking for people who make a habit of contributing, succeeding, and making a real difference. So we ask all of our future team members to first show us what they can do. After that, we will consider volunteer, part-time or full-time positions as our needs and budget allow.

    • Bottom line, if you are really good at something, we will try to get you on board.

    • Send cover letter and resume to:


  • Currently Seeking:

  • HRM Manager

  • Social Media Managers

  • Social Media Strategist

  • Finance Manager

  • Fundraiser

  • Board Members (gatekeepers, fundraisers, experts please apply)

  • Executive Management (especially someone with police or military background and a competitive MBA)

  • General Assistants

  • Instructors

  • Academy GM (especially someone with teaching experience, administrative experience, 911 experience, business experience and/or an MBA)

  • Anyone who can start contributing immediately and who has a history of integrity, competence, goodwill towards others, and results. We need do-gooders who can actually get things done. It’s not enough to be nice and generous, sorry, but on our team, you also have to be good at what you do.

  • “If all of our work, the many thousands of hours of research, the risky interviews with criminals, the heart-breaking stories we heard from over 1,000 women, the recruiting of over 1200 volunteers….if after all of this we keep only one woman safe-from-violence, it was worth it.”

    “If all of our work, the many thousands of hours of research, the risky interviews with criminals, the heart-breaking stories we heard from over 1,000 women, the recruiting of over 1200 volunteers….if after all of this we keep only one woman safe-from-violence, it was worth it.”

                                                                                                                                                                       Connie Hartsfield