Our History

Strider Safety™ was founded by retired police detectives, two former USAF commandos, an undercover federal agent, single Moms (toughest of the bunch), Harvard MBA’s (most boring of the bunch), and a few other eccentric individuals in 2017.

Although the official founding was in 2017, Strider Safety™ had been contemplated for many years, starting with a ski trip between two Colorado peace officers in 2009. Both had witnessed a lot of violence in their careers and wanted to do something about it. So they brainstormed on the drive up the mountain, on the chair lifts, and on the drive back down the mountain. During that ride, they decided there were other solutions worth looking into. One of them later became the leader of Strider Safety™ while the other went on to a career in Federal Law Enforcement, where he remains to this day.

That conversation led to other people joining in; a Sheriff’s Sergeant, a Police Chief, a single Mom, an Air Marshall, a couple of veterans with several tours, and a Hollywood executive. They were brainstorming how to make people safe.

It was an eclectic group that got this started, and they may just be crazy enough to get something done.

They shared one thing in common, whether on the battlefield, in their law enforcement careers, or in their personal lives, they had all encountered violence-against-women and wanted to do something about it. They also shared some other things in common, a willingness to be innovative, to take risks, and the courage to help keep women safe.

With generous financial support and exclusive licensing of copyrighted material from Strider SFV Lab™, Strider Safety™ can take advantage of many solutions identified at the lab that did not necessarily have financial merit or that really belonged in a non-profit environment. Strider Safety™ has access to so some pretty incredible people, unique technology and solutions, and a can-do spirit.

© by Strider Safety Operations™, a 501c3 Corporation. Material borrowed with permission from Strider SFV Lab™ Inc.