S-1 Safety Dog Program.

S-1 Safety Dog Program™

Concept: We have all forgotten how dogs used to keep us safe by warning us about intruders. Most people yell at their dogs for barking. Meanwhile, criminals have told us that they worry more about dogs than alarm systems and that gave us a great idea. There are thousands of dogs going unwanted in every city that could be trained to help with home security. So we will develop a program to train “pound-dogs” to be great home-safety partners for singles and families.

Goal: Devise a program and train the first 10 dogs.

What you can do: Buy a book! Buy 10 or more and give them to all the women you care about or that work at your organization. Write here for a large-order discount: ( firstcontact@stridersafety.org )

Status: Seeking funding, first S-1 (Odysseus) doing experimental training, research on capable dog breeds (included mixes) on-going. We have consulted with some professionals who think up to 20 breeds will be able to do the program, including checking your house and yard to make sure no one has entered while you are away.

Dates of Operation: Planning to launch in Q3 of 2017

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Partner(s): Strider SFV Lab, K-9 Advisors