Strider Safety Initiatives™

Based on over 10 years of research including interviews with criminals, heroes*, cops, Special Forces leaders, and a few creative types, we have identified three Safety-from-Violence™ Initiatives that are measurable, repeatable, and scalable. In other words, once we show that they work, it will be possible to replicate them everywhere.   

Our team has the vision, commitment, and courage to make these things happen. Now all we need are partners, more team members, supporters, and donors. Well, and maybe a little luck too.

*At Strider we don’t use the “V-word”; anyone who survives a violent attack has done something heroic as far as we are concerned. 


Safety Initiative I: The Close Call Academy



The Academy is our training and educational institution for women and public safety officials to learn both basic and advanced techniques of Safety-from-Violence™ and the Close Call Method™. Current courses include: Close Call Basics™, The 8 Predator Methods™, and How to Really Use 911™. The Close Call Method™ was developed by Connie Hartsfield, a retired Lieutenant from the Texas Department of Public Safety, and Dave Amis, a former 911 Executive and Reserve Deputy Sheriff. 

Our mission list for the CCA includes:

A. Write a book to help adult women learn the Close Call Method™ and be Safe-from-Violence™. 

DONE! 27 Close Calls. Real Crimes. Real Women. Real Solutions was published in January of 2017.  The team raised and committed over $150,000 to complete this book.

B. Establish the Academy as an online training and cooperative discussion group meet-up, with a bit of CSI flair thrown in for good measure. All courses use the Case Method, which means students study real crime cases and look for their own SFV™ solutions. 

DONE! The Close Call Academy is operational. Currently in beta version, classes are now offered while we continue to refine and improve the training experience.

C. Complete a Close Call book for College Women. With 10 college women from across the country helping to analyze cases, in addition to our four professional investigators, we have completed over 67 cases and identified dozens of way to keep college women safe. But the research is not complete!

D. Look for more ways to take the principles of Safety-from-Violence™ and the Close Call Method™ to individuals, organizations, and government.


If you would like to support us or join our team, please write us an email with your ideas or donate below:

· 27 Close Calls 2.0 (to market and continue to research – hopefully a 10-state tour is in our near future!)

· Close Call Academy (help us train 100,000 women in the Close Call Method™)

· Close Calls for College Women (help us complete 133 more cases and publish the book!)


Safety Initiative II: Safest Campus on the Planet

We are seeking a university partner or a major donor, to work together to create the Safest Campus on the Planet™, which we believe is do-able using the principles of Safety-from-Violence™.  Since our research focuses on Safety Events™, predators, and what works and doesn’t work in dangerous situations (which we call Close Calls Tactics™), we see opportunities to change almost every facet of university life in positive and often innocuous ways to reduce violence. 

This is an ambitious project and it’s going to take a lot of good people working together to make it happen.

          There are three main elements to the Safest Campus on the Planet™ Plan.

          I. Completing our research with 1,000 more Close Call Cases™.

          II. Working with the various campus departments and leaders to plan the cooperative                 change that will facilitate personal and group Safety-from-Violence™.

          III. Implementing and measuring the results of those changes.

This is an entirely new approach, different from the paradigms of law enforcement, Title IX requirements, awareness campaigns, and victim support. If you know of a university or donor that would like to help us establish ground zero for stopping violence-against-women on campus, please contact us. 


Our mission list for the Safest Campus on the Planet™ includes:

A. Identify a major university with leadership that is dedicated to solving this problem. We know everyone says it can’t be solved, but we’re going to solve it anyway. 

B. Identify a major donor to support this initiative. It will take a unique individual or family that can get behind a group of operators who want to tackle the problem outside of the normal paradigms. 

C. Make it happen.


Please contact our Chief Safety Officer for an online or personal presentation.


Safety Initiative III: Strider Safety Operations

“To experiment doing hands-on projects and operations that directly affect predators ability to function”… this is the motto of the Strider Special Operations Team.

We realized long ago that’s not going to be possible to be passive in the quest to make people, and especially women, Safe-from-Violence™. Our work has taken us into the minds of sex traffickers and serial rapists and we now know, that there are ways to stop them and make it very difficult for them to operate – things the police cannot do.

So we have devised special projects that we believe will disrupt, deny, and deter significant amounts of violence while also facilitating an introduction to local law enforcement. But equally importantly, they will send a signal that someone new is in the game, and that will make their activities unpredictable – something predators really do not like.

View Safety Operations Here