Planned Safety Operations™

What is a Safety Operation?

"Any repeatable action that can impact Safety-from-Violence™ for individuals or communities." - Co-Founder Dave Amis

We dream up, plan, and try different ways to help people, and especially women, be Safe-from-Violence™. Thus each Safety Operation is an attempt to change lives locally, nationally or globally. These ideas can be small, big, or outrageously ambitious. We are willing to try anything that is legal, has potential, and where we can manage team security (which we are pretty good at). 

These safety operations are in the works but need further support to take them to the next level. There are many ways to support these safety operations, including bringing your expertise by volunteering, connecting us with others that might help, and offering funding for an operation that you think really needs to grow. 

All of our Safety Operations have 3 objectives:                                             

1. Make people, especially women, Safe-from-Violence™
2. Be repeatable, scalable, and self-generating (so we can do them again)
3. Serve as a deterrent to Predators

Safety Operation #7: Hunt Human Traffickers 

Human Trafficker Hunters™ Pilot

This will be a pilot, something similar to Dog the Bounty Hunter™, except using CIA and Special Forces tactics for surveillance and exposure of bad actors. In other words, highly-skilled former operators exposing and confronting traffickers, and being ready, willing, and able to defend themselves if necessary.

There is a whole tactical area of activity that has not been explored between what law enforcement and regular citizens can do (most do nothing, and generally try to imagine it isn’t happening). Using former special operators as volunteers and private investigators, men and women who are not afraid to confront the very deadly sex traffickers, we believe that it will be possible to make one small city 99% free of human sex slavery. And if we can do one city…

Safety Operation #5: Track Serial Rapists

Serial Rapist Database™ 

Technology combined with a trusted organization could be the difference in the fight to stop serial rapists. These bad actors understand the limitations of law enforcement, travel across state lines to hunt or hide, and take advantage of the low reporting likelihood of their victims.

Most women do not trust the institutions that are supposed to address these bad actors including law enforcement, victim’s groups, universities, and often even their friends. So they do not report, and that is the first problem to solve.

We believe that a simple, non-official reporting website, that will preserve evidence for the Hero and provide practical information on the pros and cons of reporting to police, will be directly beneficial to those targeted. In addition, this system will provide us with leads and big data, both of which could lead to a sea change in reducing the amount of rape violence.  

Safety Operation #2: Create a Training Program for Dogs.

S-1 Safety Dog Program™

It’s not often you can solve two problems at once, but we discovered in our predator interviews that certain kinds of dogs were more feared than alarm systems. And upon further investigation, it wasn’t necessarily a type of dog, so much as it’s behavior. We then identified ten dog breeds that could imitate the behavior predators feared, without being attack dogs, and began established our beta S-1 Safety Dog Program™.

Odysseus, Achilles, and Dixie became our first S-1’s and Achilles is already operational with a single woman living in Nevada.

How is this solving two problems at once? We believe that rescues can be turned into highly effective S-1 Safety Dogs – so our goal is to create a replicable program that owners and trainers can use to turn rescues and pound dogs into powerful home safety partners.


Safety Operations can Save Lives.

Here is how you can get involved.

If you would like to support us and you are a former special operator, retired police officer, technician with a former or current security clearance, K-9 dog handler,“do-gooder with an edge”, or a good warrior (cerebral or brawn), please contact us. If you are a potential donor, please choose your favorite project below. Once we achieve our funding goal, operational planning will begin immediately.

Funding Goals:

· Human Trafficker Hunters™ $275k needed for the pilot and beta test

· Serial Rapist Database™ $250k needed for the beta, $2M for a small community or campus launch

· S-1 Safety Dogs™ $55k for the first ten experimental S-1 dogs, $250k to create a do-it-yourself website and national program

· Two Other Special Safety Operations #09 and #11 (cannot be disclosed, but you can count on the fact we will be saving some women and children from further violence and you may read about it in the news) $250k needed

For anyone who funds an entire project, we will provide a live mission debrief. Please contact us for a presentation.

Everyone deserves to be Safe™! Let’s make it so.

-Strider Safety Team

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