SSO Giver.

SSO Givers

SSO Givers make a tremendous impact by giving directly to women in need of personal safety training, such as single moms, former victims or young women on their own. Your gift will include a copy of our book,

27 Close Calls™, and an invitation to take the

27 CC BASIC Class™ at the Close Call Academy.

Click here to become an SSO Giver or Safety Operation Supporter. 

Safety Operation Supporter

Choose from our Wish List of future Safety Operations™ and donate $59 to that specific operation. We will let you know when our fundraising goal has been reached and operations commence. We’ll also keep you updated with performance reports. This helps keep us accountable and you informed. The measure of our success will always be how many people we helped to be safe.

There is no limit to how many Safety Operations™ you may support. 

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