"Please tell us your story.  You can do this anonymously if you wish.  If you provide a name and email, then we might follow up with questions or a request for an interview.  You see, every time we get a new story of violence, danger, or even a sketchy situation, up to three of our investigators or analysts will read it, searching for new insights about how to be safe. This gives us the opportunity to help the next woman avoid that specific kind of situation.  So you can literally save a life by sharing your story, even though you may never know that person.  The Close Call Method is that powerful.  Every time a woman reads one of our stories, she has a pretty good chance to avoid that situation or at least reduce the violence that accompanies it.  We will never share reference you by name and all of our published stories have minor details changed so no one will recognize it.  Your story will make a difference.  In the meantime, sign up for our blog so you can get the latest stories, tips, and news from the front lines of making women Safe-from-Violence™." 

- Connie Hartsfield, Director of Close Calls, Strider SFV Lab.

The Team at Strider SFV Lab reads every story...

Use the form below to send your story.  If you want to remain anonymous, simply put a first name (choose any) in the name box and our address in the email box "firstcontact@stridersafety.org".  All stories are sent directly to Strider SFV Lab.

Tell your story in anyway that you are comfortable: a quick summary, a detailed version (most helpful), or any way that works for you.  If it is upsetting, consider putting it off for another day.  

Thank you for helping us help women!

Please write the story in your own words. We may wish to contact you for a follow-up interview. If you are comfortable enough, please include your name and email so that we may get in touch with you. If you are not comfortable, don't worry. Your story can remain anonymous and it will still help women be safer.

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It is ok if you did not. Strider is just gathering statistics on how many unreported assaults and attempted assaults occur.

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