The Problem

Here’s the problem; 1.9M(1) women will be raped this year. That’s 19M women in the next ten years.

And the problem gets worse, because there is no national plan to address this epidemic, no federal agency focused on it, and no current organization that is making more than the slightest impact.

If that’s not enough of a problem, it get worse, as 3-5M women will be assaulted, robbed, or stalked as well.

You’ve probably heard these stats, although you may have been confused by the numbers out there.

(1) Strider SFV™ Lab did a survey in 2010 and asked 140 women about their experiences with violence. The results suggested 1.85M women were being raped annually in the USA. However, much more substantial was the CDC 2011 Prevalence and Characteristics of Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization - National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey in which a total of 6,879 women completed the survey. The CDC estimated there are 1.9M women raped per year in the USA.

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