TV Pilot: Human Trafficker Hunters.

Human Trafficker Hunters™

Concept: We have developed a new approach to addressing the challenge of human trafficking. We plan to test our approach and film it – possibly creating a pilot for Hollywood and a way to fund future actions. Human Trafficker Hunters™ will be an exciting, dangerous, show that can change lives and raise awareness. Think of it as Dog the Bounty Hunter meets high-CIA tactics – all focused on the nastiest people in our society, human slave traders.

Goal: Shoot a pilot and change the world.

What’s needed: $375,000, a film production team, 3 private investigators, 3 Navy Seals, 2 off-duty cops, and an executive producer

Status: Seeking funding. We have private investigators, retired cops, a couple of commandos and some tough ladies who all want to join the team. Given the security issues, this project cannot be done without full funding.

Dates of Operation: As soon as we are funded
Partner(s): Local Private Investigation Firms, Escape Plan Productions

Overheard at an exploratory meeting of special operators and cops that want to join our HTH team:
Operator #1: I like this motto, ‘Everyone deserves to be safe!’
Operator #2: Not everyone.
Operator #1: Yeah, I guess these guys we want to hunt don’t deserve to be safe.
Operator #2: Not if I have anything to do about it. When can we start?