What We Do

We conduct Safety Initiatives™ 

& Safety Operations™

We dream up, plan, and try different ways to help people, and especially women, be Safe-from-Violence™, also referred to as SFV™. Thus each Safety Initiative™ and Safety Operation™ is an attempt to change lives locally, nationally or globally. These safety projects can be small, big, or outrageously ambitious.

All of our Safety Initiatives™ & Safety Operations™ have 3 objectives:

  • Make people, especially women, Safe-from-Violence™

  • Be repeatable, scalable, and self-generating (in other words, have a chance to be done over and over again)

  • Make life difficult for predators

Our very first Safety Operation™ has been the distribution of a whole new method of personal safety for women called the CLOSE CALL METHOD™ and which is described in the book, 27 CLOSE CALLS™. It was created by Strider SFV Lab™ and our goal is to see that it gets distributed as widely as possible. 

The book, 27 CLOSE CALLS™, is a collection of real crime stories told by the women that experienced a CLOSE CALL™ and lived to tell her story. Our team of investigators analyzed the cases and came up with several strategies for average women to use to get and stay safe in these everyday situations. Buy 27 CLOSE CALLS™ here.

Safety Operations™ also include hands-on activities such as hunting for serial rapists, making a bar or party safe for one night by “crowding it” with do-gooders, teaching students how to be SFV™ and more. Check out our list of current Safety Initiatives™ and  Safety Operations™ to see what we are up to right now.

Everyone Deserves to be Safe™ 

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