Wish #1.




Wish #1: 


A book on how to be Safe-from-Violence™, just for women (and a methodology that works)


 Concept: 1. A methodology for personal safety that women can start using right away utilizing the best knowledge from our law enforcement careers, the Secret Service, CSI and other organizations that are good at predator detection and mitigation. 2. A book of real stories and cases to demonstrate how it works.


The Dream: Give women an outstanding tool for managing their own personal safety. Make 1,000,000 women safe. And if not 1,000,000, then at least one!


What’s needed: $175,000, writers, volunteers, interviewers, experienced investigators, editors, and 1,000 women to tell their stories.


Status:27 Close Calls: Real Crimes, Real Women, Real Solutions has been completed! Over 1,200 volunteers joined in. Order your book here!


Partner(s): Strider SFV Lab™ funded and managed this project.