Wish #3.


 Wish #3:


Close Calls for College Women


 Working Title: 14 Close Calls


Participation Goal: 100+ team members, 150 interviewees, 1,000 survey-takersW


Concept:Take the Close Call Method to college! This book will be for college women living or studying on a campus. College life has it’s own unique threats and close calls, so we want to make college women safe too.


 The Dream: Make college women safe.


 What’s needed: $150,000, writers, volunteers, interviewers, investigators (experienced law enforcement only), editors, and 200 college women or recent grads to tell their stories.


 Status: Fundraising


 Dates of Operation: November 2016 to present


Partner(s): Strider SFV Lab


 To help us make this a reality:

    • Make a donation.


    • Propose an alternative contribution here: firstcontact@stridersafety.org.

    • Ideas: a sorority or university partner, 50 models ( to create visual images for the stories), other