Wish #4.


Wish #4:


Rescue Dogs and Make Women safe



Proposed Name: S-1 Safety Dog Program™ & S-2 Safety Dog Program™

Participation Goal: 10 dogs, 10 new owners

Concept: We have all forgotten how dogs used to keep us safe by warning us about intruders. Most people yell at their dogs for barking. Meanwhile, criminals have told us that they worry more about barking dogs than alarm systems and that gave us a great idea. There are thousands of dogs going unwanted in every city that could be trained to help with home security. There are also thousands of trainers who could train more dogs and would love to do that. So we will develop the Strider Safety Dog Program™ with two initial elements:

S-1 Dogs™ will be highly-trainable dogs, such as German Shepherds, that will learn our new Dog SFV™ so they can keep a single woman or family safe.

S-2 Dogs™ will be rescues that we will work with to train for a similar program, perhaps not as demanding, but where they can still have a major impact on home and on-the-move personal safety.

(pic of a shepherd or of Odysseus, pic of a random dog in the top 10 IQ list or of Dixitrus)

The Dream: Devise a program and train the first 10 dogs. Prove it can work, then train more dogs and create a franchise system for dog trainers everywhere.

What’s needed: $35,000, 1-2 K-9 trainers or volunteers, a program manager, 10 dogs and 10 new owners!

Status: Seeking funding. Initial planning and testing has begun. Odysseus, Achilles, and Dixidrus are the test pilots.

Dates of Operation: Hoping to launch in Q3 of 2017

Partner(s): Strider SFV Lab, K-9 Advisors


To help us make this a reality:

    • Make a donation.

    • Propose an alternative contribution here: firstcontact@stridersafety.org.

    • Ideas: dog toys, dog vests and training equipment, dog food (Nature’s Best or Purina), a building or small property to establish our first training center