Wish #5.

Wish #7:

Shoot a pilot to showcase our new methods for confronting human traffickers: Human Trafficker Hunters™

Concept: We have developed a new approach to addressing the challenge of human trafficking. We plan to test our approach and film it – possibly creating a pilot for Hollywood and a way to fund future actions. Human Trafficker Hunters™ will be an exciting, dangerous, show that can change lives and raise awareness. Think of it as Dog the Bounty Hunter meets Special Operations Tactics – all focused on the nastiest people in our society, human slave traders.

The Dream: Shoot a pilot and change the world.

What’s needed: $375,000, a film production team, 3 private investigators, 3 Commandos, 2 off-duty cops, and an executive producer

Status: Seeking funding. We have private investigators, retired cops, a couple of commandos and some tough ladies who all want to join the team. Given the security issues, this project cannot be done without full funding. But we are still open for team members.

Dates of Operation: As soon as we are funded.

Partner(s): Local Private Investigation Firms, Escape Plan Productions