Wish #6.


Wish #6:


The biggest and best survey on violence against women as well as a world-hunt for the best researchers focused on this topic.


Proposed Name: Safety-from-Violence Survey #2
Participation Goal: 20,000 women


Concept: It’s hard to get good numbers on violence and especially on the worst kind of perpetrators. For example, we have not been able to find any credible estimate of the number of serial rapists operating in the USA. If no one knows the size of the problem, how can they address it? Answer: no one is addressing it. We also want to complete the largest survey on violence-against-women that has ever been done. BJOS and the FBI spend millions annually collecting crime stats, we think a quality survey can be done for less than $200,000.


The Dream: Get the best information on violence against women including data on serial rapists and traffickers, then share this with policy makers and the public.


What’s needed: $175,000, 10,000+ women, a website and survey team, a statistician, a researcher, and a university partner.


Status: Seeking funding. We have a couple of Harvard statisticians that want to help and other volunteers ready-to-go.


Dates of Operation: As soon as we are funded
Partner(s): A major university, Strider SFV Lab


To help us make this a reality: