Safety Wish List

This is our official Safety Wish List! We hope to do everything on this list - but it's only possible if many people come to support us.  The ideas come from our hearts, from research at Strider SFV Lab™, from suggestions by many of you and from looking at how predators. Most importantly, our wishes are about helping people, especially women, to be Safe-from-Violence™.

Our team has the vision and the courage to make the world safer, now we just need your support. Please read our list and see if there is a project that is worthy of your support. Once each wish is funded, we will pull a team together and commence operations. Try us and see what happens.

We have the vision and the courage to make real change in the challenge of violence against women, but we can only do it with your help. Based on over 8 years of research, interviews with heroes and criminals, as well as detectives, threat experts, social workers, and more, we have developed dozens of concepts to make women Safe-from-Violence™.

Following is our Safety Operations Wish List™. Once each S.O. is funded and staffed, we begin implementation. We seek not only donors, but informed donors, networkers, gate keepers, change agents, and team members. Contact us at: and describe the contribution you would like to make OR if you want to provide funding for an entire Safety Operation, want to request one for your location, school, or special group, or would consider endowing the nation’s first SFV Center to be located at a major university.

Note that we keep our HQ team small and designate only 10% of donations to HQ. A minimum of 80% of donations go directly to the Safety Operation they are designated for. Fundraising and other costs may constitute an additional 5-10%.

Quote from a donor: “Let’s do this thing!”
Wish List Formula: hope+vision+your support = positive change in women’s lives

Wish #1: A book on how to be Safe-from-Violence™, just for women (and a methodology that works).

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Wish #2: An online academy where women can learn, discuss, and share.

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Wish #3: Close Calls for College Women.

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Wish #4: Rescue Dogs and Make Women safe.

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Wish #5: Shoot a pilot to showcase our new methods for confronting human traffickers: Human Trafficker Hunters™.

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Wish #6: The biggest and best survey on violence against women as well as a world-hunt for the best researchers focused on this topic.

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Wish #7:


A Strider Special Operations Team


Concept: We want to create and support a Special Operations team of retired investigators, special operators. self-defense experts. and surveillance experts to assist in identifying and exposing both senal rapists and sex traffickers. This team will develop new tactics that if will employ and share with law enforcement and other organizations
The Dream: Identify every trafficker and 50% of all serial rapists operating in one city Shine light into the dark corners where these sexual predators hide and make it hard for them to operate. Create new tactics for dealing with them. Facilitate their 'introduction' to law enforcement.
What's needed: $750,000. dedicated, professional team members (size to be undisclosed),
Status: Seeking funding. We have developed our initial tactics and completed initial surveillance in two target cities
Dates of Operation: As soon as we are funded Partner(s): Local Organizations and National Organizations
To help us make this a reality:

14 Close Calls.

Safety Operation #3: Create a Close Calls book and methodology for college women.

Introducing the S-1 Safety Dog Program!

Concept: Take the Close Call Method to college! This book will be for college women living or studying on a campus. College life has its own unique threats and close calls, so we want to make college women safe too.

Goal: Make college women safe

What you can do: Pre-order a book or donate. Share your story of a dangerous or violent college situation by wnting to firstcontactOstridersafetyorg

Status: In-Progress Although we are not funded, we are doing a 'guerilla' strategy to get it started. We have completed about 67 interviews with college women and recent grads.

Dates of Operation: November 2016 to present Keep up to date by following our blog

Partner(s): Strider SFV Lab, Close Call Academy

To help us make this a reality:

    • Propose an alternative contribution here:

    • Ideas: if you already own an armored vehicle and wish to donate, we might be able to modify it. We will add surveillance equipment, tools, tires, cameras, first aid, etc.

  • Contact our Major Donor Program to fund it all at:


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