A “Strider” is anyone who pro-actively helps others to be Safe-from-Violence™

Become a Strider in three simple steps:

1. Take the Strider Oath

"I commit to pro-actively taking 

action to help others be


2. Read the Blog

Learn how to be Safe-from-Violence™, how to handle Close Calls, predator updates,
and more.

3. Donate $1-25/month

Any contribution is appreciated.  Read below on ways to volunteer and other opportunities to help yourself and others be

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- Strider



  • Read the blog and educate yourself on how predators work and the best ways to stop them

  • Provide your email and location and be available if we need assistance in your area  

              For example:

                    -  Provide local contacts

                    -  Provide the lay of the land

                    -  Provide a place for a SPARU surveillance team or a Strider Operative to stay for a few days

                    -  Join a Close Call or Strider Group (online or local)

  • Set up a Strider Group in your neighborhood

  • Join us at HQ in Austin, TX

  • Become a Close Call Instructor and teach others how to be Safe-from-Violence™

  • Identify individuals that you believe are serial predators and provide that information to local law enforcement and to us.

  • Commit to 2-10 hours per week and share your skills.  We’ll find a way to use you – we just need consistency and good intentions.