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Personal Safety for your Brain

We founded the Close Call Academy™ with one mission in mind: to make real, dynamic women as safe as they can

possibly be.  We do this by training you to think like a predator so that you can see them coming and

survive like the lioness that you are. 

Our classes give you the tools you need to be safer in one day and can be done from anywhere with a good internet connection.  Unlike other types of personal safety, we train your brain, not your body.  We use CSI style analysis in a

group setting studying real crime cases, so it is fun but in the end, you come away with real solutions to

stay safer in your everyday life.



Learning to be safe is fast, easy, and even fun.

1. Read 27 Close Calls

This book is our collection of the 27 most likely scenarios that an average woman might encounter and how to identify, navigate, or deal with it if she really does. We believe most close calls can be identified early and completely avoided with a few simple yet effective tools. 

2. Take our 27 Close Calls Basics class.

This class is based on the book but is done in one session from anywhere you have a good internet connection. We use the case method like they do in law schools so the classes are fast and the best part is, when it is over, you will be able to use your new skills immediately. 

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