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5 Most Dangerous Locations

Based on our research, these are the locations which will be the most dangerous should an attack materialize:

1. Going alone to an off-site appointment for a job or opportunity that you have not researched, and which came from an informal source.  There is no telling whom you might meet.

2. Getting in a car with someone you do not trust, late at night, when no one knows where you are or where you are going.  This is a predator's dream situation.

3. Hooking up with someone with whom you have no social connections at their place while you are in a diminished capacity.  You have effectively given them every possible advantage. 

4. Accepting drink or food that you did not see prepared by someone you do not trust in a social situation, such as a bar, party, or club.  It has been said that on any given night, there is at least one guy in every major club attempting to drug someone. 

5. Walking down a dark street, through a parking garage, or even accepting a ride while in a diminished capacity either from drugs, phone, alcohol, music, sickness, or other. 

This doesn't mean you should never visit these places or spend your time being paranoid - well....maybe a little paranoia is good.  But when you are in such a place, it's wise to pay attention or take extra safety actions such as going with two friends who all agree to "go together and leave together". 

Alternatively, if you care more about safety than partying, then party with friends in a place you can trust. 

Both men and women can be attacked by an effective predator who takes advantage of his (or her) surroundings.  It gives them a major advantage.

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