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Experimenting on a Predator: The Pied Piper Challenge

One day our team of former USAF Commandos, retired detectives, single moms and Harvard brainiacs decided to challenge ourselves to “stop every sexual predator in the country”. Our answer after many many meetings? Hire a team of private investigators to pick up cases that law enforcement cannot finish. (If you don’t know, the average police investigator has as many as 100 open cases at any time – ten would be manageable, 100 is like trying to stop a downpour with an umbrella.) So our idea was to put a private team on cases where both victim-heroes and cops believe the case is sound, and do what the police would do if they had more resources. In other words, use four retired police investigators working as a team to focus on one major case at a time. The next question was where could we test this theory?

Through Strider’s research on serial predators, we had identified a particularly nasty sexual predator who not only focuses on 14-16 year-olds whom we named the “Pied Piper Rapist”. The Pied Piper has created a podium effect with over 30,000 followers and admirers. Parents send their children across the country to learn from him. He appears to take a new victim every 3-4 months, convincing them to be in a “relationship” with him. When the child finally realizes how wrong it is to have sex with a 32 year-old man, the damage is done and it’s terrible. The Pied Piper uses a combination of peer pressure, alcohol and drugs (he’s often introducing them to these things for the first time), idolatry and manipulation to have sex with minors.

The family of the most recent victim “Jake”, told us about the Pied Piper and then reported it to the police, as we suggested. It took courage to do this. Jake’s a tough young man dealing with a challenging situation. But after 8 months the police have not been able to assemble enough evidence to make an arrest. We have decided to make the Pied Piper a test case – if we can stop him, we should be able to stop another hundred predators and make a lot of people safe.

Read more about our “experiment” below and join us if you can. Every person who supports this sends a great message to Jake “we’re with you”. All supporters (blog subscribers and donors) will receive updates as we move forward. Everyone deserves to be Safe™. Let’s make it so.


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