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S-1 Safety Dogs - a new breed

During interviews with professional burglar and robbers (aka muggers), we discovered something interesting; they didn't like dogs.  But it wasn't the type of dog, it was the dogs behaviour.  In fact, there are about 10 characteristics, some trainable and some natural, which caused these predators to change their minds and leave the potential victim or home alone.

Barking dogs, even when they are tiny, are problematic.  Predators told us that a barking dog draws attention, which is the opposite of what they want.  However, if they know the owner and neighbors ignore barking dogs, they might still proceed.

One professional burglar, a former mafia enforcer, who claimed over 90 successful burglaries, shared his primary method: he would drive around until he found an open garage with no cars present.  This told him the homeowners were gone and the alarm system was off.  He would park and walk into the garage and then into the home.  If anyone saw him, it looked pretty normal.  If children or others were present in the house?  "Too bad for them" he told us.  

During a series of interviews he told us more:

What do you think about security cameras?

"It's fun to be on camera."

Haven't security cameras ever caught you?

"Not yet."

What about alarm systems?

"Makes it more interesting."

What's the longest you were ever in a home for a burglary?

"The people came home and I had to hide under the bed while they had sex, took a couple hours before I could get out of there."

Back to the S-1 Safety Dogs.  We created a training program and immediately enlisted 3 German Shepherds for this experimental program.  Odysseus came as a puppy.  Achilles was born on at Strider.   Dixie is a rescue from a crack house.  All three have completed their S-1 training and Odysseus is on his way to S-3!  Strider believes that up to ten breeds of medium to large-sized dogs are appropriate for the S-1 program.  In addition, rescues, if intelligent enough, can also make it through the program.

The second round of S-1 Dogs will be trained soon.  Contact Strider for more information.

And what happened to the mafia enforcer/professional burglar?  Before I tel you, let me tell you this.  We honor our word, even with violent predators.  They share their methods with us so we can make others safe.  Sometimes they do this because they want to reform and do some good before they die.  Sometimes they do it for the money or as an unlikley-to-succeed con (more on that later).  But when we commit to a meeting for research purposes, we honor that and always will.  We don't use research as a trick.  We treat everyone with dignity and respect until they show us they want a different kind of relationship.

Anyway, this particular predator decided our operative was working with law enforcement and attempted to kill him after the third interview.  The result?  The predator went to jail a few hours later where he remained for a few years.  It's not wise to mess with Strider.  

Be safe out there!

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