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South Street Predator - Sample Update

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Sample of an Operational Update

Once we begin an operation, we will provide updates supporters of that particular operation, but not necessarily in real time (depends on operational security considerations).


SPARU (Strider Predator Advanced Research Unit) initiated surveillance operations today against the South Street Predator (SSP). Two Strider Investigators in separate cars began surveillance at the target’s house at 0730. SSP travelled to work where he remained until 1200 when he left for lunch. At this time, he met an unknown female for lunch, approximately 5’6”, 120 lbs., 20-25 years old, Caucasian, long black hair. They finished lunch and he returned to work at 1320. This is the same female we observed previously and that we suspect could be his next victim. Surveillance discontinued.

At 1735 SPARU again initiated surveillance at the target’s work address. He exited at 1745 and began driving east on 2nd Street (opposite direction from his home). SPARU followed in three cars. The target went to the O’Rourke Bar at 14th and Winchester Street where the previously described female was already waiting by the door. Approximately two hours later at 1955 they departed in a car together and began heading east to the Citron Park where they ate dinner at Joe’s Diner. However, after dinner, they returned to the car and went their separate ways. The lady, nicknamed, “target 1” appeared unharmed. We later determined her actual name and address. Surveillance discontinued at 1110.

By providing a “fly on the wall” experience, or rather fly on the shoulder of our private investigators, we think more people will understand the challenges of stopping violent predators.

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