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Strider Answers (Are fraternity parties safe for my freshman daughter?) - Part II

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Q. Are fraternity parties safe for my freshman daughter?

My 18 year-old…. is planning on attending fraternity and other parties this coming summer before her freshman year. What are the risks and how can she best manage her safety?

Here are our SFV™ tactics for attending fraternity parties, although we think they should be avoided by most every woman and especially freshmen and sophomore students:

1. Strider’s Rules for partying at a Fraternity:

a. Go together, leave together. Whether you are two or three, DO NOT leave the party except together. Make sure everyone gets home safe.

b. Fresh Drinks. DO NOT drink anything you did not open yourself. Don’t accept previously poured drinks, no matter how appealing or how trustworthy the deliverer. Rapists come in very shape and size including nice, good-looking and friendly.

c. Except with a boyfriend or your entire entourage, do not go upstairs or to private rooms. Once in the room with a violent predator, you are not likely to get out without some kind of sexual interaction.

d. If you want to hook up with someone, take them to your place and have a trusted friend within shouting distance (such as next door).

e. Do not try alcohol or drugs that you have not tried before in this environment. The time to experiment with something new is in your own place with trusted friends. Predators like to use the moment of someone experiencing something new to attack. It makes it easy for them.

2. Having one or more real friends who belong to this fraternity will make you safer, because hopefully they will watch out for you. Hint: Someone you have known for 2 weeks is not a real friend. Give it at least a year before reaching that conclusion.

3. Drinking before you go and controlling your alcohol level is a brutally smart way to manage your intake. It can’t be messed with if you all you do is sip from a bottle (that you opened) during the party.

Your safety is far more important than any friend, any group, anything and everything. Take care of that first. You’ll have a great life with more opportunities than you can act on. But watch out for number one first of all. (hint: you’re number one)

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