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Strider Predator Alert - Austin

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

We have identified a serial predator operating in Austin and potentially surrounding areas. 

Type: Date Rapist, Drug Rapist

Safety-Danger Level: High Danger

Source: Victim-hero who made a successful escape

Method: Romeo, Drug

This 28-32 year-old white male uses the following method:

1. Romances women as the "son of a wealthy family" and almost immediately talks about marriage

2. Takes them to an expensive restaurant and puts Rohypnol in their drink

3. (unknown) 

The 29 year-old woman who reported this managed to call 911 just as the drug was taking effect.  She woke up an hour later sitting in the back of a police car.  The suspect was taken into custody by APD but she decided not to press charges because she didn't want to go public.  The "Fancy Boy Rapist" is still active in Austin, Texas as far as we know.

Strider Speculates:

Although we have very limited information, anyone willing to drug another (which sometimes results in accidental death), is a violent predator.  It is likely the Fancy Boy Rapist is an active or highly active rapist with 2-3 "dates" per week.  If he has been successful, why wouldn't he?  Thus far he has probably been able to convince each victim-hero or they convinced themselves, that reporting the crime would do no good.  In addition, his access to expensive lawyers and possible political connections, further makes him feel invulnerable.

Anyone with information about this, please share with Strider.  We'll do what we can to support law enforcement in stopping this individual.  Remember, it only takes one good cop to get on his trail and with sufficient evidence, make an arrest and change history.  The longer he is active, the more damage he does.  All contacts will remain confidential unless expressly agreed otherwise.

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