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Strider Predator Alert - Los Angeles

Strider has identified two predators operating near downtown Los Angeles but possibly in other places in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area as well. 

Type: Human Trafficker, Kidnapper

Safety-Danger Level: Extremely High Danger

Source: Victim-hero who made a successful escape

Method: Con Artist, Mobile Lair

They use the following method to kidnap victims:

1. In a black BMW or similarly nice car, dressed well, two men approach women on the street outside of clubs just after closing.  

2. They approach and, since most rideshares and taxis are busy, offer a ride to another club, party or location.  

3. Once the targets get into their vehicle, and regardless of where they said they would drive, they then head east on Interstate 10.  

The two women who reported this, both in their early thirties, realized during the attempted kidnapping, that the driver was heading east instead of to North Hollywood. She asked him why and he ignored her.  Then she tried her door as the car slowed down for an exit.  One of the two predators then said, "I think they are trying to get out".  At this point, both women did open the door and jumped out of the car at an estimated 40 mph, suffering injuries in the process.  The two men continued on, not stopping.

Strider Speculates...

Based on this and other evidence, we believe these two men are human traffickers who pretend to be night club goers on their way to another party or location, offer a ride at the exact time its difficult to get one and use their expensive car and clothes to give the impression of trustworthiness.  They then take their victims to a location easy of Los Angeles. 

Human Traffickers generally follow this procedure with new victims:

1. They beat them

2. They drug them, such as sticking a needle in their arm with Opium

3. They rape them, usually having 5-10 men participating

4. They then turn them in sex slaves and force them to serve customers, beating or killing them if they refuse

In other words, this is the worst kind of evil and while we are speculating based on limited information, everyone knows this kind of thing is going on - yet how many traffickers are caught each year?  Not very many.  The traffickers are winning.

These traffickers are still out there.  If you're a club-goer in LA or any other place, be aware of this predator method to keep yourself and friends Safe-from-Violence™.

If you have any further information on these predators, please share that with Strider.  We treat all sources as confidential unless expressly agreed otherwise. 

Be safe out there!

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