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The Seven Safety Rules of One-Night Stands

Now don't get us wrong, we are not suggesting you go out and hook up tonight.  But if you are going to do that, might as well be safe as hell!  Here's Strider's recommended way to hook up and be Safe-from-Violence™.

1. Hook up with a good friend that you don't want to be friends with anymore.

Okay, that's kind of a joke but not really.  It's probably the ideal hook up situation.  But unless you have a few friends you want to get rid of and are attracted to and are game, etc. etc., you might be hooking up with someone you just met or barely know.  And even if you've seen them around a dozen times or met through a friend, it doesn't mean they are safe either.  So do this...

2. Do it in an environment that you can control, with a 911 Friend™, who is within shouting distance. 

A 911 Friend™ is better than a BFF.  Better than a party friend or a co-worker.  Sometimes even better than a family member, a 911 Friend™ is the one you can count on when you're in trouble. A 911 Friend™ responds immediately when you ask for help.  They don't ask why.  They just act.  Another way is... 

3. Having a "friend with benefits" to have casual sex is much safer than a one-time hookup. 

At least you may be already friends with this person and may trust them to be alone with.  

4. Obviously, practice safe sex.  Your one-night stand may not tell the truth about venereal or other diseases or may not even know themselves...

5. Remember that your right to withdraw consent is never relinquished. 

When you are a child you are taught no means no.  Adults should understand that same rule applies to them...

6. Only do things with which you are comfortable.  You can always try this another time.  Finding a person for a one-night stand is as easy as ordering pie these days. 

7. Don't hesitate to make your own rules and set down your requirements in advance.  You will be surprised what a man will agree to if he is about to get sex. 

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