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What is a Close Call and why the heck does it matter?

You walk into a dark parking garage one night and notice someone is following you.  The hairs go up on the back of your neck and you keep walking.  He's getting closer.  Finally you get to your car and get in.  Now you can't see him.  You slowly drive out and away and you tell yourself, "Oh it was nothing, I was just being paranoid."


Here comes the most important and fundamental change you need in your own personal safety-from-violence™.  Instead of telling yourself "it was nothing" or even trying to guess what it was (believe me you don't have the skill set to know), do this...

Ask yourself, how could I have handled that Close Call better?

Treat every situation like this, anytime you sense the slightest possibility of danger whether in your gut, heart, or brain, manage it.  Manage it for the Close that it is, or may be.

People walk behind other people all the time in parking garages, but late at night and no one else around?  Manage it like it's a close call. 

The Close Call Method™ is a crime-fighting tool that you can start using right now.  But unlike other crime-fighting tools, the goal of this one is not "whodunnit" but rather "what's the best way to deal with a situation like that?". 

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