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What's a 911 Friend™ and why do I care?

During Strider's 1,000 Predators Research Project, we found over and over again, a predator who took advantage of a victim-hero who was either alone or had a weak friend.  In one case, a 21 year-old went to a party at her 25 year-old supervisor's home.  She had too much to drink and ordered a taxi.  One of her three friends said, "just go lie down for awhile, we'll get you before we leave".  She woke up hours later, everyone was gone, and the host was raping her.

So the definition of a 911 Friend™ is the exact opposite of those three friends.  A 911 Friend™ is someone who will stick by you and make sure you are safe, no matter what is going on.

One Strider suggested another definition, "a 911 Friend™ is someone who calls 911 one second after you ask them to, they don't question why or hesitate, they just act."

Whether you're going out partying, traveling, seeing a museum, or going to a new part of town, take a 911 Friend™ whenever possible.  But choose that friend carefully.

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