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Why are there 27 Close Calls?

27 Close Calls is our personal safety system for adult women. Our hope is to eventually create Close Call Systems for every group: college women, parents, kids, young men, seniors, etc.

There are 27 close call cases and 7 primary safety situations for adult women. By studying each of the 27 cases, we believe a woman will be able to identify most any dangerous situation before or as it develops. So the 27 cases were chosen to bring out all the important situations an adult woman might face as well as the best ideas and tactics on how to be safe in any situation.

We tried to choose the most interesting cases for you. All were reviewed by highly experienced police investigators to bring out the best safety ideas for each situation.

Most of the best ideas, however, came from the victim-heroes themselves.

The idea behind the Close Call Method is that if you’ve already read about a situation similar to one you find yourself in, you’ll have a much better chance of surviving it successfully. We hope you enjoy it!

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Connie Hartsfield & Dave Amis

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