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Strider Safety wants to stop an active serial rapist who is hiding as a music instructor at a well-known school and recently attacked “Jake”, a 15 year-old boy.  After eight months the police investigator has not been able to collect enough evidence to make an arrest.  The case is now on hold.  Strider has a plan to solve this problem with a team of four private investigators, all former police officers.  Along with Strider volunteers, they will work the case and get the evidence the police need to stop him.  We’re doing this for Jake and for all the future victims of the Pied Piper.  He’s already on to his next victim,

so we need to act now.


NOTE:  In order to protect the victim Jake (not his real name) and his family, certain details have been modified in this story.  However, the main elements are true. 

14 year-old Jake wanted to be a great musician.  He practiced all the time and was noticed by leading classical guitar players who introduced him to a famous instructor in a major city.  This instructor, Angelo, has students from all over the country.  He invited Jake to come to special quarterly trainings.  Soon Angelo convinced Jake's Mom that to have a real career, Jake needed to live nearby.

Mom, Dad and Jake rented an apartment and moved so Jake could pursue his dream at Angelo’s school of music.  “We decided to go for it,” said Linda (Jake’s mom), “How often does one get a chance to do something like this?”  Pretty soon Jake was spending most of his days with Angelo.  “Everyone was excited that Jake had opportunities to move up in the music industry,” said Calista, Jake’s younger sister.

What Jake's parents, Tom and Linda, didn't know, was that Angelo was introducing Jake to marijuana and alcohol.  "It helps to free your mind" he told Jake.  Angelo became quite a fixture in Jake's life.  He met a lot of Jake's friends, including his two sisters who came to visit.  Angelo told them that Jake was special and very talented.  

One evening Angelo invited Jake to come over to help record a special piece.  That night Angelo called Linda and suggested Jake stay over saying "It's already late, he'll be safe here."  Pretty soon Jake was staying over and working on special pieces and recordings on a regular basis.

On one visit, Calista and Kate (Jake’s other sister) observed Angelo putting his hand on Jake's back in an affectionate way.  They thought it was inappropriate.  But Angelo soon dissolved their suspicions.  “He would come over to the apartment and eat dinner with the family.  He was likable and charming,” said Kate.  Soon Angelo was getting Jake auditions. 

“This was an incredible time for Jake,” said Kate, "He was on the verge of success in the music industry. It was like he was the hero of the family.”

See video below of Interview with Jake's sister Kate. 

Donate on our GoFundMe campaign


One day Jake came home and refused to return to music school.  Tom and Linda sat him down and pretty soon it came out, 30 year-old Angelo had seduced Jake and began a sexual relationship with him.  Jake couldn’t take it anymore, even though it meant ending his “career”.

The family approached STRIDER and we referred them to the police.  A criminal case was opened.  The police officer confirmed their worst nightmare – Jake had been raped repeatedly by Angelo.  On that night when Angelo promised Linda that Jake would be safe staying over, he convinced 14 year-old Jake to have sex.  He used alcohol and marijuana to reduce his defenses and convinced Jake that it was okay to have sex with a 30 year-old man.

Since Jake is a minor, every sexual act with Angelo is a crime.  Strider estimates that Jake was raped over 126 times by Angelo - that's sex four times a week over 9 months.  According to former Detective Sergeant Brad Lamb, “Pedophiles will often plot, plan and maneuver themselves into positions of trust and power in the life of their target. In this case, the predator had virtually complete and unrestricted access to his victim.”

Based on interviews with family members and online research, Strider believes that Angelo is a master predator.  He has created a “target funnel” which includes the school, social media, and his name brand to lure potential victims.  He then uses a combination of promises, emotional and spiritual manipulation, and fear to control them.  Even parents are fooled by his charm. 

He’s the kind of predator who could eventually have hundreds of victims if he’s not stopped.

See video below on How to Stop A serial Predator  


What happens next is up to us.  Strider Safety Operations 501c3 has created an operational plan to stop the Pied Piper Rapist but we need your help.  While the family continues to deal with Jake’s nightmare, Strider has agreed to do a fundraiser followed by a professional investigation.  Our goals are to stop this predator from attacking dozens to hundreds of more victims but also to show Jake that the good guys are on his side.

We have been in contact with the police investigator on the case who welcomes our involvement (some of us worked in the same police department) and she is open to our assistance.  Both she and the district attorney need evidence to move forward.  We intend to deliver that to them by “swarming” the problem with professional, experienced, retired investigators who will focus on this case until completion. 

Meanwhile Angelo has already moved onto his next victim, Sam, 16 years-old.  He brags about Sam on Facebook; his “new friend”.  Some students know what is going on, but the parents are unaware.  All are in danger.  Even one single more victim can mean a life ruined, a family in tatters…

Donate $5-$25 or any amount to show your moral support and to get the investigation started. 

GoFundMe link below.

We want to tell Jake that a lot of people support him, ideally thousands(2)(3).  So even $5 is meaningful. 

Major contributors can expect a phone call from Strider’s Team on behalf of the family.
Jake needs our support, deserves our support, and has a long road to recovery no matter what happens. 

Let’s show Jake that there are good people on his side.

Thank you

Strider #001

(1)  Details of this story have been changed to protect Jake and his family, however the main elements are true.  This profile was prepared by a member of Strider’s team working with a member of Jake’s family.  When an arrest occurs, we will let everyone know the final details of the Pied Piper Rapist Case.  For major donors, both our accountant and attorney are available to affirm the veracity of our work and this case.
(2)  Any extra funds will be used to stop other predators that are brought to our attention.  If you know of one, please let us know.  Please be as detailed as possible when writing to:
(3)  Jake is at a critical juncture in his life.  He’s hurt, confused, and embarrassed.  We want to show him the good guys are on his side.  Even sending $5 is a statement of love and support.  Hopefully we can soon say, “Hey Jake, a thousand people support you.”

If you would like to get this operation started today, make a major donation by contacting us directly @, attention Chief of Operations, and state the amount or range you may donate, thank you.

We’ll let you know what happens.  Pray or send us your best wishes.

Members of the press may contact Strider’s Communications Officer, Elizabeth, for more information.  Kate, one of Jake’s sisters, is also available for interviews with the understanding that no last names will be released. 

All correspondence to:

Please state your request clearly so it can be forwarded to the correct team member.

Be safe out there!





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