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We study violent predators, Safety Situations™, Hero Moves™, and the best ways to deal with every kind of dangerous situation.  Our team of professional investigators (all former cops) look at each case with a different agenda.  It's not

a "whodunnit?" to us, it's a "what's the best way to deal with a situation like that?"  Because the good news is; there's always a best way to deal with every kind of situation and many of our heroes (we don't use the "V-word" by the way)

are willing to share their best ideas with us so we can share with you.  

Strider Safety is different from other organizations in 4 fundamental ways:

1. All we care about is your safety.  All other ideas, objectives, beliefs or paradigms are irrelevant if they don't

directly make you safe.

2. We focus on violent predators and learn their methods, dispositions and weaknesses in order to deny them

the ability to succeed.  In fact, one could say that violent predators are our specialty.

3. We use positive terms like "Hero Move™", "911 Friend™", "Safety Window™", "Game-Changer", and "Flashpoint".  

We don't agree that safety has to be negative, it can be empowering instead.

4. We believe that Safety-from-Violence™ is best achieved from three vectors: personal, organizational, and tertiary.  

So we provide solutions for all three.

So whether it's our tough single Moms, our Safety-from-Violence™ (SFV™) innovators (brainiacs and former Special Forces), our detectives or the Heroes themselves, we are constantly looking for better ways to deal with each kind of predator.  And we also constantly look for new predator methods sometimes by meeting those predators up close and personal.  Predators are constantly changing their methods, so we adapt.

This information allows us to make people safe both personally and organizationally; micro and macro. 

It's the only way.

Violent predators are our specialty.  We study them just like you would a beast in the jungle.  How do they plan?  How do they think?  What makes them decide where and when to attack?  With this knowledge we are in a unique situation to help people (via the Close Call Method™) and organizations (via Predator Denial Systems™) to be Safe-from-Violence™.

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